Hiking on 4/29/17(Sat)

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Sunol Regional Wilderness on 4/29/2017(Sat).
We start from Indian Joe Nature Trail then Indian Creek Trail uphill to Crave Rock Road, then High Valley Road, Flag Hill Road to Flag Hill.  We will go downhill from Flag Hill Road, Hayfield Road back to Parking area.  The whole trip is about 4.3 miles with gentle climbing slope.
We will meet in front of the “foot bridge” next to the Visitor Center.  We will start at 1:30pm.  Please come on or before 1:15pm.
1. Connect to freeway I-680.
2. Take the Calaveras Rd/CA-84 W exit toward Sunol
3. Continue on Calaveras Rd. for 4.2 miles to Geary Rd
4. Turn left to Geary Rd. for 2 miles to reach the Sunol Regional Wilderness
The park entrance fee is $5, and you can also ask for a map there.  The parking lot at the Visitor Center is small.  If you cannot find any parking space there.  Just drive ahead.  There are a lots of Parking spaces ahead.
What to bring:
1. A signed waiver form.  (You can download here. http://www.ncuaanc.org/nccuaa-nc-waiver-form/ )
2. Plenty of water, snacks;
3. A hat and a light jacket; (Sunscreen lotion)
4. Sport shoes; (Hiking boots and hiking pole are recommended)
Park Details: www.ebparks.org/parks/sunol
We had 25 people joining our last hike in March.  Below is the link to our photo album of our March Hiking.

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